I just recieved the first copy of my book today! *Excitement!!*  It was such an awesome moment seeing it complete for the first time, the very moment I dreamed of for the last 17 months.  It’s a little surreal seeing this entire book….with my name on the cover and my mini books inside it!  This whole process has been eye opening and amazing, ever since I got the phone call from Christine Doyle at F & W Publications congratulating me, telling me that my book proposal got accepted and I was the latest author for Memory Makers books. Wow. I spent the next 6 months solely making mini albums for the book, completing 40 of them, all in different themes and different types of albums.  I then had to ship them all off to Memory Makers so they could be photographed for the book, and I just recently got them back – so strange to see them all again after not having them here for 9 months.  It’s been such a great opportunity and experience, so a huge thank you to everyone at F & W!

So… there are 50 different mini albums featured in the book, 38 of them have step by step photo instructions, as well there are additional techniques featured and templates. 40 of the albums are mine, and 10 are from some fabulous contributor designers: Cami Bauman, Mou Saha, Michelle Van Etten, Kathie Davis, Julie Overby, Carolyn Lontin, Andrea Deer, and Brenda Neuberger. 

Here are a few photos of the book and I will feature a few more sneak peeks in a bit. The book will be in the stores by February and you can pre-order it on Amazon already. As soon as I am able to get some more copies of it in January, I will do a giveaway here, so keep your eyes out!


So that was my exciting news! Now onto why I haven’t been around the internet world this past week, I’ve been sick again, this time with bronchial pneumonia. Of course I had to get it the last week of classes, the one week where I cannot miss a class at all! So I went to school sick, excusing myself peridically from class to rush to the bathroom to cough up part of a lung, then quietly slip back into class. All is good.

I had 2 Christmas parties to go to this past weekend too, both which I was really looking forward to, so I loaded myself up on medication and went.  All this good Holiday food and I couldn’t taste anything! ergh. For last night’s party though I could taste some stuff so I’m finally starting to get my taste buds back – yay!

Oh, a big thank you to the ladies last night who gave me the tip about the Vick’s vapo rub! I was told that by rubbing the Vicks on your feet, then putting socks on and going to bed, that will stop you from coughing all night. Of course as soon a my head hit the pillow last night, I started coughing so I got up, found the vicks and tried it. I don’t remember coughing at all during the night! Awesome!! I was so happy to be able to sleep in my bed again, as the previous nights that I coughed, I got up and retreated down to the couch so I wouldn’t keep Brent awake all night.

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend, and of a little mini album I made Brent for his birthday. I also did a tutorial on using the distress inks here.


Angus with his shaggy winter coat
Angus with his shaggy winter coat


Having a lazy Sunday: Zoey in her favorite spot on the couch
Having a lazy Sunday: Zoey in her favorite spot on the couch


Oscar isn't a baby anymore....
Oscar isn’t a baby anymore…


Love these girls!
Love these girls!


I cut my hair off!!!
I cut my hair off!!!

Blog surprise

I got this nice surprise yesterday from DebbyD! Thanks Deb! It’s the Kreativ Blogger Award! Debby is super talented, and I feel honored that she’s taken some of my online classes. Check out her blog: http://drdewilde.blogspot.com/

With the award came some simple rules: 

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Provide links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

So I have gone through the comments that were posted here a couple days ago for the giveaway and randomly chose 5 of the ones who had blogs listed. I think all these ladies are fabulous!

1. Vicky Kelly  http://vickykelly.wordpress.com/

2. Allison Cope http://yourmemoriescanada.blogspot.com

3. Tammy http://creativedomesticity.blogspot.com/

4. Amanda Dunn http://amandaanndunn.blogspot.com/

5. Sue Gerdes  http://susiesscrappers.blogspot.com



On another note: I am extremely tired today. Last night I drove across the border with some friends to go to the midnight madness sale at the Seattle Premium outlets. We didn’t get down there until 10:30pm and a few of the stores had opened early (like Banana Republic and Gap). The line ups were huge! Between waiting in line to get into the store, waiting in line for change rooms, and then waiting in line to pay, we spent hours and hours in line ups!! Was it worth it? I’m not sure. We did get some incredibly good deals, but all the lines and crowds were brutal. I got home at 5:30am this morning so I’ve only had about 4 hours sleep. At least it’s Friday!! Happy Friday everybody!